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Intensive Skin Care Routine
Address All Your Aging Skin Concerns

Intensive Skin Care Routine 1An intensive skin care regimen takes advantage of the layering technique to include a variety of anti-aging treatments that addresses the widest range of aging skin issues possible.

Intensive, yes!    Difficult?

Not even a little bit!

The intensive skin care routine adopts the strategy of including a late afternoon mini-skin care treatment which can be extremely beneficial, especially for dry skin types.

The addition of introducing a moisturizing treatment in the late afternoon can significantly help the skin maintain hydration, provide essential nutrients, and enhance its ability to protect itself from harmful environmental effects.

Remember, the older your skin becomes, the more moisture it needs!

This routine provides an ideal opportunity to include yet another skin rejuvenation treatment in order to take full advantage of using a wide range of different anti-aging ingredients in a well thought out skin care plan.

The intensive skin care routine might look overwhelming at first but it is actually quite easy and truly involves just a few more minutes a day.

The rejuvenating components of the intensive skin care routine includes a comprehensive selection of powerful antioxidants, vitamin A (retinol) treatment, a 10% concentration of glycolic acid for exfoliation, DMAE for firming qualities and both a vitamin K treatment and kinerase treatment for the eye area.

~ Morning ~

Cleanse: Gentle cleansing for oily skin types ~ (other skin types only need to cleanse once a day so non-oily skin types begin the morning routine with toning)

Tone: Vitamin C Toner Avalon Organics: Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner

Vitamin A (retinol) in concentrations of Afirm 1x, 2x, or 3x.  Be sure to start with the lower strength retinol and gradually work to the highest 3x strength to build up your skin's tolerance to avoid irritation.

Eye Treatment:
Jason Vitamin K Creme Plus Therapy

Sunscreen: Sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection Ti-Silc Sunblock SPF 60+

~ Late Afternoon ~

Tone: Spin Trap Toner Spin Trap toner by PCA SKIN pHaze 5 Nutrient Toner

Moisturize: Copper Peptide Moisturizer GHK Copper Peptide Complex with Retinol

~ Evening ~

Cleanse: Gentle Cleansing for all skin types, Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Cleanser is an excellent soy based anti-aging moisturizing facial cleanser.

Tone: CoQ-10 Toner Avalon: Perfecting CoQ10 Toner

Exfoliate: Exfoliation Treatment Total Skin Care's Glycolic 10% Gel

Moisturize: DMAE, ALA and Vitamin C Ester "combination" moisturizer Reviva Labs: Alpha Lipoic Acid DMAE C Lotion

Eye Treatment: Kinerase Intensive Eye Treatment

TIP ~ Consider substituting the evening AHA exfoliation with a microdermabrasion exfoliating scrub such as Micro Pearl Abrasion once or twice a week along with a weekly skin peel.

If you feel like a bit of extra pampering or just want a little fun with some swirling action try one of the home microdermabrasion spa kits, like the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions At Home MicroDermabrasion System which utilizes the same aluminum-oxide crystals that the professional spa treatments use.

Once you have established a basic facial rejuvenation regime, then start to slowly integrate the layering technique to expand your basic skin care routine into a more comprehensive strategy.  

Continue to use the layering technique to build upon  your skin care routine ~ sample regimens:

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