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Growing Old Ungracefully
How to Deal with Getting Older and
All Those Other Aging Woes

Don't you just hate what happens when growing old?

Growing Old

Has your hourglass figure morphed into a goblet shape? Or perhaps it has mellowed into more of a robust portly physique.

Is your muffin top spilling so far over the waistband of your pants that assistance is now required to find your belt buckle? Or is it sandwiched tightly between what you now fondly refer to as your upper and lower stomachs?

Has your cleavage headed south and begun to cleave you in two?

Ladies. . .
Growing OldHas the collagen in your skin diminished to the point that your face looks like it is literally melting off?

How dreadful!  (And quite unpleasant looking too. . .)

May I make a recommendation?

Run, don't walk, to the nearest store and start using facial rejuvenation products that have a collagen stimulator ingredient to give it a long term firming lift.

Gentlemen, answer honestly now. . .
Just how long has it been since that lean, mean stud was put out to pasture?

Are you concerned that man boobs may be lurking in the background threatening to attend a surprise coming out party?

Did the airlines recently allude to the need for you to check your under eye bags? (You can reduce those bags with eyeliss 'ya know.)

Have you given up and let your eyebrows grow back into a uni-brow?

Hey wait a minute. . .

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to grow old gracefully?

How do they manage to look so darn good and command such a graceful presence all the time?

How do they do it?

What's the secret to growing old gracefully?

In essence it all boils down to a matter of
attitude and priorities. Honest!

You need to put yourself on your "to do" list!
You need to roll up your sleeves and give yourself some spit and polish.

Go ahead. . .
Keep stomping your feet, whine a little louder, complain more emphatically and don't forget to repeatedly curse your age but for goodness sake stop letting yourself go just because you keep adding on years.

Hope You Like It!

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