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Great Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

by Victoria Rose
(Melbourne, Australia)

Get Great Makeup Tips for Women Over 50!

Get Great Makeup Tips for Women Over 50!

Best Beauty Tools

Makeup2Enhance: Online resource for great makeup tips for women over 50

Link to website: Makeup2Enhance
Best Beauty Products

Beauty & Skin Care Products
  • Dermagist: Maximum strength anti-aging products
  • Clarisonic: Facial Scrub Brush and the “Opal” for under-eye puffiness
  • Natural Recipes: Make Your Own Skin Care Treatments
  • ANSR: Facial Rejuvenation Laser
  • Afirm: Retinol Treatments in 3 different strengths
  • Argireline: The OTC Alternative to Botox

Over Fifty and Still Fabulous? Then this is the website for you!

As we age the canvas of our face changes yet we often continue to use the same habitual routines when applying our makeup.

There is no need to be part of the 'beige brigade' and no need to fear being thought of as 'mutton dressed up as lamb'.

Find easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to get your perfect lip line, determine your best cosmetic colors and how to apply eye makeup.

  • Are you a fan of mineral makeup? Read what the experts say.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief to find an easy, scientific way to create the perfect shape eyebrow for your face.
  • Don't make the most common mistake with blush - this technique alone will instantly improve how your face makeup looks.
  • Do you dare to wear red lipstick or experiment with smokey eye makeup?

    The beauty secrets of how to do makeup for 'the older girls' are revealed on every page.

    So pick up that finger and click on the link: Makeup2Enhance

    I invite you to join me there!

    Victoria Rose

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