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Fruit Acid Skin Care
Mix and Match Citrus Toner Recipes

Fruit Acid Skin Care RecipesVal is a fan of a natural fruit skin treatment of any type.

She is a pro in formulating creative recipes and reveals her most versatile recipes using fruit acids.

Val says that by adding a naturally occurring fruit acid to any skin care recipe you greatly increase the effectiveness of homemade skin care treatments.

Thank you for sharing Val!

Whether it is malic acid which is found in apples, lactic acid which is a property of most dairy, citric acid from citrus fruits or tartaric acid derived from grapes; these natural acids contain wonderful rejuvenating properties. 

Who knew that?

She adds that you can use fruit acids in any type of skin care recipe.

You can easily create a simple skin toner, a rejuvenating facial mask or use fresh fruit as an ingredient in a homemade moisturizer; the fruit acids will significantly enhance any natural skin recipe.

Val's simplest and most versatile homemade recipe is for mix and match fruit acid skin care toners.

~ Mix and Match Fruit Acid Toners ~

Fruit Acid Skin Care Recipes
  • Juice one or several citrus fruits: lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit
  • Select one or several herbs to infuse the fruit acid: rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, or marjoram
  • Select one or several medicinal flowers: witch hazel seeds, elder, yarrow, chamomile, comfrey, rose blossoms and/or rose hips

Combine all your selected ingredients into a sterile squeeze bottle and let set for several hours to allow the ingredients to marinate.

As an alternative, simply squeeze the juice from any of the fruits listed, saturate a cotton ball and swab the surface of the skin. Simple, quick, easy and effective with no mixing involved!

Val encourages everyone to be creative! Mix and match the variety of ingredients to infuse in the citrus juice. The fruit acid toners can be refrigerated and used for up to one week.

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