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Emu Oil Skin Care
~ Consumer Review ~

Darla is a firm believer in emu oil treatment products.

Emu Oil Skin Care 1A native to Australia, Darla explains that emu oil treatments are formulated with naturally harvested oil from the emu, a flightless bird native to Australia.

Emu are raised on farms in the Australian outback as a food supply source just like chickens and cows are raised in the United States.

The oil sack is on the back of the emu bird underneath the skin.

After the emu oil is collected, it is refined according to very specific specifications to be utilized in formulations for skin care treatments.

Emu oil is certainly a unique ingredient!

In Darla's experience with a variety of different emu oil skin  treatment products she has found the Dremu skin care line the best in her opinion.

Emu oil's effectiveness in healing the skin and providing pain relief has been proven in burn clinics where it is widely used as a treatment to prevent scarring.

Initially, Darla began using emu oil products to relieve arthritis and muscle pain. As she learned more about the range of emu oil's uses, she began trying the anti-aging skin care treatments.

It's Naturally Skinsational!
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Darla now confirms that emu oil skin treatments are amazing. The treatments have taken care of a whole host of her skin care concerns.

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