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Cold Sore Treatment Devise
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No question about it. . .

The Derma Septic cold sore treatment device is a winner!

DermaSeptic 1Have you heard about this new treatment devise for cold sores and fever blisters?

Finding the best cold sore treatments has been Dottie's passion for years now.

With her recent discovery of DermaSeptic her long search has finally come to an end.

Dottie's Physician recommended this cold sore treatment devise to her nearly a year ago.

She reports that she has been able to treat every cold sore that has threatened to emerge before it has actually broken through the skin!

The Derma Septic Personal Care Device is a small hand held microprocessor devise that delivers anti-microbial medication right through the layers of the skin.

Dottie applies the DermaSeptic devise directly to the site of the infection before the cold sore ever emerges and in just a few days it's gone!

She doesn't even need to use any of the other cold sore treatments that she has collected over the years anymore.

Dottie begins treating the cold sore right when she begins to feel that first tell-tale tingling sensation so she can cure the infection right from the start. This prevents the cold sore from developing enough to break through the surface of the skin.

The infection is gone before it
ever has the chance to break out into
that big ugly sore!

Dottie was impressed with a consumer report that demonstrated that Derma Septic is a highly effective treatment for those dreaded herpes outbreaks as well.

She explains that the active ingredient, Ionic Silver, inhibits viral and bacterial infections without any side effects.

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The Derma Septic devise is applied to the source of the infection so that the medication is delivered directly, penetrating down through the layers of skin to the infected site without the need for messy or foul tasting creams, balms or greasy ointments.

Dottie just loves these types of new developments and advancements in technology. Particularly when they work so wonderfully! Who wouldn't?

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