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Dermajuv Eye Cream

by Sue
(Skin Care Resource Center)

Eyeliss for Under Eye Puffiness

Eyeliss for Under Eye Puffiness

Let's review the results of the new Dermajuv Eye Cream with 4 active ingredients (including Eyeliss, the new advanced three peptide technology) targeted to reduce under eye puffiness, dark circles as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

The Eye Revolution Gel with the active ingredient Eyeliss is the newest and one of the only anti-aging treatments formulated specifically to treat these chronic under eye issues.

What are your experiences with the Eye Revolution Gel and Eyeliss?

What are your results?

How long did it take for you to notice a reduction in your under eye bags and dark circles?

Share your results (or lack of) along with your opinion right here!

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Dermajuv Eyeliss for Puffy Under Eyes
by: Sue

I've started using Dermajuv's Eye Revolution Gel!

(Actually I ordered the Eye Precision System since I also struggle with dark circles as well). Well, I do like to give products a test run so I can determine how well they work or don't work. :-)

It's only been a week since I started using "the system" so it is w-a-y too early to tell yet.

My one observation so far is that Dermajuv sends along a very nice instruction sheet. But they suggest using a nickle size dollop of each product. I find that is much too much! Just a small pea size more than covers the entire under eye area!

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