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Dermajuv is now Dermagist. . .
Not to worry!

It's just a name change!

Dermajuv's highly regarded anti-aging treatments are still the same but with the ever expand product line they have changed their name to DERMAGIST!

The wrinkle free skin care treatments are the exact same but now you can also enjoy a great high quality body lotion, specially formulated Dermagist treatments for hands and feet as well as a complete acne treatment skin care system.

As you are probably already aware the Dermajuv skin care product line as been featured as a "must have" skin care treatment by many critics, magazines and specialists the beauty industry.


Because Dermagist is a cosmeceutical that not only includes a significant concentration of clinically proven active ingredients in each of their products but they actually tell you what the exact percentage is in each treatment!

In order to get results, it's really all about using products that include an appropriate concentration of proven ingredients.

As I like to say, "You can't effectively treat a migraine with a baby aspirin can you?"
Well, the same is true for treatments that address skin care issues.

Dermajuv recently explained their name change by stating:

"Our company name is changing from Dermajuv to Dermagist to more accurately reflect our expanding specialized skin care product lines.

We started the company by using the Latin root word, "juv", which means young or youthful to describe our anti-aging products.

Now that we have grown and have developed a wider range of skin treatments that aren't specifically related to the "anti aging" sector, we decided to change our name so that it would reflect the entire spectrum of products offered."

Holly convinced me!
(And I'm so glad she did!)

Hope You Like It!

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