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Collagen Information

Stimulating collagen production is an important factor in any successful anti-aging skin care regimen

Collagen Information for Skin Care

Studies on collagen and its effects in anti-aging skin care clearly identifies this vital protein component as a critical factor in effective facial rejuvenation strategies for a variety of reasons.

As we age, the production of collagen diminishes which leads to the gradual appearance of a host of aging skin issues such as wrinkles, loss of skin tone and firmness.

In essence, the more collagen that is produced the younger, healthier and more vibrant the skin becomes

Collagen information research suggests that in specific formulations, collagen has a better opportunity to be "transported" into the skin.

Collagen needs the help of "carriers" for the successful delivery through the layers of the skin.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that no one has yet discovered an efficient mechanism for a simple topical application of collagen that can be readily and effectively absorbed into the skin without significant assistance.

Consequently, most collagen research concludes that topical applications simply aren't as effective as injecting collagen directly into the skin.

Thus, the benefits of an anti-aging product containing collagen are limited to supplying the skin with moisture, just like any other moisturizer, rather than actually playing a significant or active role in rejuvenating skin.

Collagen does work amazingly well to rejuvenate skin,  however. . .

Unfortunately, if you aren't a fan of needles, injections, and more invasive procedures there isn't really an over-the-counter product that can effectively introduce the highly coveted, wrinkle vanishing collagen through the layers of your skin.

Many of the active anti-aging ingredients such as copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid, to name just a few, do stimulate collagen production which in turn improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity, and firmness.

Alas, although collagen is one of the most important factors in skin rejuvenation there is no way to directly "add more" effectively without a Doctor's visit and needles.

However, collagen information tells us that stimulating collagen production is easily accomplished, although admittedly not as immediately noticeable, by selecting anti-aging skin care ingredients that effectively accomplish this skin rejuvenating feat over time without the injections.

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