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Blackhead Extractors
The Best Ways of Eliminating Blackheads and Professionally Extracting Blackheads

Have you tried blackhead extractors for eliminating blackheads

They work!

Quite wonderfully as a matter of fact. . .

Here's how to remove a blackhead. . .
  • Simply place the blackhead extractor tool so that it completely surrounds the blackhead.

  • Apply gentle yet even pressure to release the sebum.

To make the process of extracting blackheads even easier and faster, soften the skin first by placing a warm cloth over the face.

As an alternative, a facial steam will open up the pores to not only provide a deep cleansing put to soften the skin making eliminating blackheads a cinch.   Simply fill the sink with very hot water.  Then drape a towell over your head to trap the steam.  Even a few minutes will work to open the pores.

You can then gently squeeze the smaller blackheads with the fleshy part of your finger tip.  Do not use your fingernail!  It is best to use a blackhead extractor to tackle those stubborn, deep ones though.

Using the blackhead remover tool will save you time, aggravation and your skin from the trauma you will inevitably put it through by squeezing the beejeebers out of it. (Squeezing too hard and too much can bruise the skin and in some cases, can cause infection.)

So for heaven's sake don't do it!

There is nothing fancy about blackhead extractors. It is really just a simple devise with a loop on the end that is  usually made out of stainless steel.

These are the type of blackhead extractors that the professional use. . .

Hope You Like It!

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