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AHA Information

the "other" AHA's: tartaric and malic acid

While many are familiar with AHA information and its benefits in effectively rejuvenating aging skin- especially in regards to glycolic acid, vitamin C and lactic acid - scientific studies on the alpha hydroxy acids, AHA's, reveals that the other two most commonly known natural AHA acids are tartaric acid and malic acid are very effective anti-aging skin care treatments as well.


Unfortunately, these two acids don't really play a significant role in anti-aging skin care as yet.

AHA information and research concludes that the acids most commonly known to have proven skin rejuvenating benefits are glycolic acid, Vitamin C L ascorbic acid and lactic acid.

Although known for their antioxidant qualities, the primary benefits from tartaric acid and malic acid come from eating the foods rich in these organic acid properties rather than applying a commercial product with these ingredients to the skin.

However. . .

Tartaric and malic acid do play a role in natural skin care as gentle exfoliators that also provide nutrients to the skin. These two acids are especially beneficial for sensitive skin types.

These two less known natural alpha hydroxy acids do have a significant
impact on our health.

Tartaric acid is primarily found in grapes, apples, pears and tamarinds while malic acid is found in apples.

Both acids make a significant contribution to the healthful benefits recently ascribed to wine. In addition, both of these acids do make a contribution in natural homemade skin care recipes, particularly those recipes that include crushed or mashed grapes as a core ingredient.

It is interesting to note that AHA information identifies that another kitchen staple, cream of tartar which is a salt derivative from tartaric acid, can be found as an ingredient in many natural skin care recipes as well.

Vinegars made from fruits containing tartaric or malic acid such as cider vinegar make a gentle natural skin cleaner or skin toner.

Given the documented clinical results of glycolic, citric and lactic acids in effectively treating aging skin, selecting skin care products containing any of these AHA acids is the better choice to consider when selecting active anti-aging ingredients for your own skin rejuvenation regimen.

Remember the simple secrets of 1. . . 2. . . 3. . .

Choose Skin rejuvenation products that contain an appropriate concentration of active anti-aging ingredients!

Of course, sipping on a little glass of wine as you conclude your nightly anti-aging skin care routine could potentially give you the healthful antioxidant benefits internally which will also be visible externally.


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