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[Skinsational News]: The Win 50K Contest!
October 18, 2011

It's Your Skinsational News!

Announcing the Win 50K Contest!

First of all, please forgive me for the momentary interruption of your Skinsational News. . .

BUT. . .

There is an amazing contest being held with a HUGE $50,000 prize for the winning entry that I wanted to share with you all.

The contest is called the "Match It!" Challenge to find the best website hosting service on the internet. (The Entry deadline is 11-8-11.)

While this contest has absolutely nothing to do with skin care, beauty or DIY facial spa treatments, I am passing along the details since I receive so many questions from visitors to The Skin Care Resource Center asking how they can start their own business in order to have the freedom and generate enough income to be able to work at home.

Well, one way is to build a website.

Grow it into a business.

That's what I have done.

You start with a topic you love. One you are passionate about. Then write about it.

Share the information with others. (All around the world!) Next, you add opportunities that create income. It can be commissions from making a sale on a product you recommend, it can be earning money every time a visitor clicks on a Google Ad, it can be offering a service, selling your own product(s) or even giving advice.

While building a website and growing it into a web business does take time and some good old fashion work, I can honestly tell you that there is nothing more gratifying then owning your own business and having the freedom to work how much (or how little), when and where you want.

So for all of you adventurous and entrepreneurial souls who have pondered the prospect of owning your own business and being able to work from home, this contest is for you!

Whether you win the $50,000 or not, you will have gathered all the information you need and the inspiration to get yourself started on your own road to financial independence.

, wishing you a skinsational day and a lifetime of success!

Until next month. . .

Skinsationally Yours,


P.S. For those curious minds, I am also always asked how much income the skin care website generates every year.

I started the anti-aging skin care website as a labor of love in June of 2004.

Since I still work full-time in child protection (my other passion), I only have time to work a handful of hours each week on the website. I am taking a long-term view by setting my goal for building a stable and viable business to help fund my retirement in the next 5 (or so) years.

Here is my website income report:

  • The first year the site made a little over $500. (Sadly, since I am truly a profoundly inept "e"dummy, it takes me longer to get through the learning curve than most. Geesh, I still struggle with mastering the TV remote and using my cell phone for anything other than making or answering calls.)
  • Year 2: $3,100
  • Year 3: $7,600(ish)
  • Year 4: Just under $11,000
  • Year 5: Close to 20K
  • Year 6: 32K
  • This year I expect the site to generate close to 40K or perhaps a bit more.

Even if you only have a few hours a week like me, you can see that over time (along with a bit of persistence, and patience) that you can - over time - earn a nice amount of extra income.

And if you happened to notice, the income generated by the skin care website is W-A-Y more than the 50K winnings that the contest is offering. With increasing growth (I expect) to continue every year! Kind of exciting, isn't it?

As of this point in growing the skin care website, it has happily helped pay for the tuition for 4 years of college and graduate school for my youngest to attend Bentley University. It also helped defray the cost for the college expenses for my oldest. (No need to go heavily into debt to pay for your children's higher education when you start generating income from your web business!) I can honestly say that I am still incredibly thankful and grateful to all the Cyber Gods for that. . .

* * * * *

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