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[Skinsational News]: Holiday Skin Care Wishes do Come True!
December 18, 2010

It's Your Skinsational News!


"Make a Holiday Skin Care Wish!"

And discover that dreams of great deals do come true!

Skin Care Gifts

Buy 1 Get 1!

Or. . .

Buy 1 and get a great freebie!

The skin care beauty steals and deals web page for December is updated daily to ensure that you get the best discounts on all your holiday beauty gifts. The new discounts and special offers are listed here:

And. . .

I've saved the very best for last!

This is an extra special Buy 1 Get 1 opportunity.

I hear from many of you throughout the year asking me all sorts of questions about the Skin Care Resource Center website.

Questions like:

  • Is it hard to build a website?
    But it does take a few hours of work a week, or more if you have the time.

  • Can I build a website even if I have no skills in technology?
    I did and I happen to be a complete moron when it comes to any sort of techie stuff. If you can write an email or complete an online form (like making a purchase online) then that's all the skill you need to get started. Then it's a matter of learning as you go.

  • Do you earn income from your website?
    Although it did take me a few years, (I happen to be very, very SLOW. . .), my website now helps pay my mortgage and put my two boys through college.

  • What do you need to do in order to start a website?
    An idea.
    Create a website about your hobby, something you are passionate about, share information like I do on the Skin Care Resource eLearning website, a skill, or whatever else you enjoy. Next, you will need a computer and, most importantly, a pair of really comfy pajamas!

This is the rest of my website building story:

    I have to tell you that I personally discovered that when I started my website, I opened an entirely new virtual world full of opportunity. It's simply an amazing and truly gratifying experience.

    Whether you build a website about beauty, home decorating, designer shoes, cosmetics, gardening, cooking, exercise, diet, shopping or anything else; you build an online business for yourself that keeps on growing and generating extra income for you happily ever after!

    The website builder service I use is SBI.

    Right now they are offering a 2 for 1 special along with a 90 day risk free 100% money back guarantee. (That way you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try!)
    But you have to hurry since the offer ends at the stroke of midnight on December 24th.

    Keep one website for yourself and give the other away as a gift. And believe me, it's a gift that keeps on giving and growing all year long. . . year after year after year.

    For all of you who have contacted me with your questions on creating your own website, all I can do is echo Nike's motto, "Just Do It!", for goodness sakes.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is no time like the present to start turning your idea, whatever it might be, into a profitable online business.

    Learn more on how you can build your own online website business:

    Have a beauty filled day!

    Until next month. . .

    Skinsationally Yours,


    * * *

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