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A Devise to Excercise Your Skin?

Skin Toner ExerciseThe Profile Toner is an exercising devise for the face and neck that improves muscle tone.

It works by strengthening and improving muscle tone, sagging skin is firmed thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

To do or not to do?  That's the question.

Though to be quite honest, facial exercise is one of the most controversial subjects in the anti-aging skin care arena.  

That question has been debated for decades without a clear resolution!

The two most popular models are:

Facial Exercise Flex Toner and the Facial Profile Toner

There are two completely opposing points of views regarding the benefits of facial exercise neither of which has been supported by independent scientific study.

The first view essentially embraces the philosophy that facial exercise will firm and tone facial muscles which in turn will improve sagging skin, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

A gentle massage with your finger tips in an upwards, sweeping motion from the center of the chin outwards to the temples is one technique.

Most agree that some very gentle forms of facial exercise, especially massage techniques may be beneficial.

The second school of thought ascribes to the view that the facial muscles receive more than enough exercise as a result of the millions of expressions that the facial muscles undergo everyday.

In fact, this school of thought actually warns that facial exercise can actually increase the appearance of wrinkles.

Sorry, but there just isn't any conclusive evidence to support either theory. Guess you're on your own on this one. You can easily review these two opposing theories yourself and arrive at your own conclusions.

There are plenty of references that you can explore on this topic at or at your local library.

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