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Skin Peels
An Effective DIY Home Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

It's Time to Pamper Yourself!

Research demonstrates that skin peels are an effective skin rejuvenation strategy.

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This is especially true when used in concert with other anti-aging skin care treatments.

They are also a great way to pamper yourself!
Skin Peels and Masks
Peels deeply cleanse, hydrate and even tighten the skin.

The rejuvenating benefits of facial peels include improving overall skin tone, skin health, hydrating the skin and reducing the incidences of blemishes.

An occasional home peel is not only a wonderful pampering experience but an extremely beneficial rejuvenation strategy.

Simply substitute your daily exfoliation treatment once every few weeks with a DIY facial peel.  Peels revitalize your skin making it wonderfully soft, smooth and healthy looking.

A DIY peel performed as a home spa treatment can achieve great rejuvenating results. . .

TIP:  If you have never had a peel before, start
with a very light strength suitable for your skin type.

Though, bear in mind that over exfoliation can actually create skin problems and/or damage, so be very careful.

Like microdermabrasion, peels are another way to achieve the removal of the older, outermost layer of skin which stimulates new skin cell growth.

The general consensus is that concentrations of AHA
greater than 15% should not be utilized without
professional guidance. Remember, you need your skin
intact and undamaged in order for your rejuvenation efforts to be successful.

Facial peels offer an excellent way to give yourself a more powerful exfoliation treatment that will stimulate cell renewal.



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