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OxyLight Laser TreatmentThe Oxy Light is compared to the Derma Wand in its ability to stimulate the skin, revitalizing skin cells and improving the penetration of moisturizers.

The action of this home spa treatment is described as a gentle facial massage created by a patting action.

A wonderful do-it-yourself home spa treatment!

The electrical stimulation of this facial laser states that it produces an enriching oxygen component that serves to improve the appearance of an aging complexion.

The Oxylight has been described as a home oxygen facial treatment.

The stimulation provided by this home laser revitalizes skin cells thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin tone while the simulated patting action increases the skin's ability to absorb moisturizing treatments.

Professional laser technology has been adapted and designed to provide models for home use.

The home laser spa treatments are derived from a category of soft lasers that is believed to encourage the stimulation of skin cells at a cellular level to rejuvenate aging skin.

As an alternative, consider the strategy discussed in the e-Learning Advanced Skin Care Knowledge Module. This strategy involves tapping the skin's surface lightly with your finger tips to stimulate the skin allowing enhanced absorption of skin care products while improving circulation.

There are only testimonials to attest to the effectiveness of this gadget for skin rejuvenation, although admittedly the testimonials are quite convincing.

Though it certainly doesn't hurt to experiment a bit while indulging and pampering yourself at the same time. (You are worth it you know!)

By all means, give the Oxy Light a try if you like,
but be forewarned that it's a fairly expensive gadget.

Facial Laser TreatmentThe introduction of home laser treatments is an exciting development. The savings alone is worth the experiment to learn how your skin will respond.

As technology improves, the home facial laser is likely to become a wonderfully effective and essential rejuvenating tool.

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Stimulate the skin by gently tapping the surface with your
finger tips.



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