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Home Skin Care Remedies
Skin Diseases and their Natural Cure

Home Skin Care Remedies 1 Home remedies to treat an variety of skin conditions and maintaining the perfect skin goes far to make a woman look beautiful.

The hygiene of the skin reflects the general hygiene of the overall body and person.

But even when there are skin diseases like black heads, blotches, pimples, a sallow, mothy or greasy skin, there are natural home skin care remedies and cures.

Health comes first as a good skin requisite; health born of exercise, wholesome food, plenty of soap and water.

Take care of the skin locally. Avoid the direct rays of the sun; avoid exposure to wind, and dirt, lest your skin turn coarse and rough.

Water does not injure the skin, nor dry out its natural oils. Use soft water for cleaning face and hands. If the water you have available is hard, soften with salt, borax or baking soda, add bran or a quarter cup of almond meal to make water more soothing to a tender skin.

Home Skin Care Remedies 2If chapping, warm a bath, tepid water, a soft soap, plus olive oil massage or toilet powder will remedy it.

Cold water in the morning, (it stimulates the skin) and warm water at night is a good overall washing rule.

Never use a cheap, but always a good soap, Castile preferably. Green soap, (potash soap) is meant for oily scalps and only irritates dry skins. Though medicated soaps are useful for some skin diseases, they should be used only on a doctor's orders.

Thorough, careful drying lends color to the cheeks and increases circulation, and cream and powder are good skin protectors if rightly used and removed.

If the skin has been exposed to sun or wind, rub cold cream well into it. Then remove with a damp cloth, and follow by washing in cold water.

Vanishing cream, greaseless, is a good face powder foundation, and a skin protector. Always remove cream from the face before going to bed, and in general use it only every alternate day.

No complexion stands cream day in, day out, nor does cream take the place of soap and water. Cream, if not removed, clogs the skin pores. Clogged pores mean black heads, and black heads cause other skin affections. Clogged pores, too, are responsible for yellow, sallow complexions.

Oily skin, often accompanied by enlarged pores, black heads and pimples, should be treated before worse ensues. Use a soap made of a cup of oatmeal or boiled oats, a pinch of sulphur, a pinch of powdered benzoin, and a teaspoonful of Castile soap, shaved fine, mixed, in a small cheesecloth bag.

An application in warm water twice a day, should correct the oily tendency.

Natural Home Skin Care Remedies:

Sunburn: Here are four different lotions for natural home skin care remedies-
  1. Two teaspoonfuls of benzoin in pint of cold water. Bathe face night and morning.
  2. Mix flour of sulphur with milk, and rub into skin when the mixture has settled a couple of hours. To be applied in small quantities daily.
  3. One drachm muriatic acid, to which half-teaspoon of spirits of lavender has been added.
  4. Three drachms carbonate of potassium, two drachms common salt, eight ounces rosewater, a little orange or lavender flower water. Mix and make frequent applications.
Freckles: Two lotions for natural home skin care remedies-
  1. One ounce lemon juice, one pint rosewater. Apply to skin four, five or six times a day.
  2. One drachm muriatic acid, half teaspoonful spirits of lavender, one pint rainwater. Apply carefully to freckles, using camel's-hair brush.
Blackheads: For natural home skin care remedies it is not well to steam out black heads. It does cleanse the skin and the black heads have to go. But it also relaxes the skin, and brings forth a crop of early wrinkles. Better is the use of one of the following lotions for home skin care remedies:
  1. One and one-quarter ounces of Green soap, two and one-half drachms alcohol, two and one-half drachms glycerin, one and one-half drachms borax.
  2. Two and a half drachms rosewater, two and a half drachms spirits of lavender, two and a half ounces alcohol.
After they have been rubbed in, the blackheads may be removed with a watch key. Never risk infection by squeezing out black-heads with the fingers. Once they are removed, close the pores with alcohol.  

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