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Glycolic Acid Treatments
The Best Gylcolic Acid Skin Care Products Effectively
Exfoliate Face and Lips

Without a doubt, glycolic acid treatments are quite simply the most effective skin rejuvenators of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Glycolic Acid Treatments Products

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids include glycolic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and citric acids.

Why include Glycolic Acid Skin Care Products in your anti-aging skin care routine?


Exfoliants remove the dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the skin, revealing the soft, smooth skin underneath and stimulate cell renewal. 

A fruit acid derived from sugar cane, Glycolic acid is an especially effective exfoliant. Glycolic acid has the unique distinction of having the smallest molecule of the AHA family so it readily absorbs into the skin.

In addition to exfoliation, AHA's can actually accomplish quite a bit towards the rejuvenation of aging skin including:

  • stimulating skin repair
  • increasing collagen production
  • increasing cell turnover and renewal
  • increasing skin thickness
  • improving elasticity
  • effective acne treatment
  • improving skin texture
  • improving skin tone
  • exfoliate face and lips
  • decreasing enlarged pores
  • Improves the absorption of skin care products

Glycolic acid skin care treatments are considered to be
the cornerstone of an effective facial rejuvenation routine.

Be forewarned though. . .

The skin needs to gradually become accustomed to any of these acids otherwise the skin can quickly become irritated. Make sure to carefully follow the directions on any glycolic acid skin care products (or any alpha hydroxy lotion) you purchase.

Sensitive skin types should begin with a lower concentration and gradually work up to higher percentages to minimize potential skin irritation. Higher concentrations of an AHA product (over 15%) should only be utilized under the supervision of a skin care professional.

Finally, remember it is essential to use sunscreen with any Alpha Hydroxy Acid product due to the skin's increased sensitivity to the sun.

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