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Is it the Best Option for Pimple Cures?

Let me start my Zeno Reviews –there are different models including the Pro and the Mini- by giving you a little tour of this self-described "acne clearing devise".

What is the Zeno and how does it work?

According to the owner's manual, the Zeno is "a medical heat-dose treatment device for the treatment of individual acne pimples in people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne."

The Zeno works by using a targeted "heat-dose" to kill some of the bacteria and, thus, bring the affected portion of skin back to a 'balanced' state.

I think of it as a beauty tool that helps your skin's own immune system work a little faster and a little more effectively.

Keep in mind that the Zeno needs to be used on pimples as early as possible and will not work on every type of blemish.

During my experiments preparing for my Zeno Reviews, I learned that this acne clearing devise won't work on. . .
  • Blackheads, because they are not the same type of blemish as a pimple.

  • Whiteheads because these blemishes are too far past the early stage.

  • Pimples already well formed, inflamed and ready to explode.  (Though I did find that the Zeno reduced the tenderness and healing time considerably.)

My Experience with the Zeno:

Since I happen to be a RN student at the moment, I purchased the Zeno Mini since it is quite a bit cheaper than the standard "Pro" Zeno devise.

Plus, let's be brutally honest here.  . .

If you are anything like me you are a skeptic.  I wasn't interested in investing money that I don't really have in my quest to find the best pimple cures.

My desire to try the Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device was inspired by my (self-named) "adult-onset acne."

I never had problems with my skin during my teen years, but everything changed when I hit 25. Since then, I get these painful, inflamed pimples that start as a simple, innocent little pimple under skin; then before I know it they turn into raging MONSTERS that literally take up entire portions of my face.

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The problem is only compounded by the fact that I am a 'picker.' I will pinch, squeeze, mash and generally mangle my face in an attempt to "pop" these gargantuan blemishes with the theory that this will be one of the best pimple cures to make them go away faster.


As a registered nursing student, you would think that my medical knowledge of wounds and their healing process would stop me from doing this destructive picking, but the desire to GET THIS THING OFF MY FACE wins out all the time.

Biggest Pimple
Anyway, I was all for trying out a solution to my skin problem that might actually help instead of leaving a huge scab that took weeks to completely heal.  Thus began my experiment to complete the Zeno Reviews.

When the device arrived, I tore open the box like a small child on Christmas morning. I had a "monster" brewing- likely to be the biggest pimple ever- and could not wait to see if the Zeno Mini would work like I hoped. I diligently read the manual, inserted the 2 AAA batteries and began my first treatment.

How to use the Zeno

You begin using the device by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds, until a three-tone sound indicates it is starting.
  • You wait about a minute for the devise to charge itself up while it goes through some complex technical processes.  When complete the power button begins to flash green.

  • It's ready to go!

  • You then place the 'Treatment Tip' (a small grey circle) directly on the pimple. The heat produced by the device is not super-hot, so it is not uncomfortable to use. It's more like a very focused beam of warmth.

  • Wait patiently as the 'Treatment Cycle' lasts for 2 1/2 minutes

  • You're done!

I instantly noticed that the area was less tender, probably because the heat numbs the nerve endings in the area. I have to say that I was extremely excited about the instantaneous results.

I repeated the treatment every 4-6 hours, (the manual recommends repeating every 4-12 hours as needed), and waited to see if this thing was going to work.

To my delight and surprise, IT DID!!

The blemish came to a tiny pinprick-sized head within a day and then vanished about a day and a half after that!!!

Talk about pimple cures.  This one never became the 'monster' that all of its predecessors had and the total healing time was less than 3 days.

Needless to say. . .

Zeno Reviews

In the past, these pimples had taken at least 5 to 6 days to resolve themselves and weeks if I gave into the urge to 'pick'.

The Zeno Mini worked faster than any topical skin cream alone and, since I didn't feel the need to apply the skin cream as often, I didn't get that rough, dry, peeling skin on the surface.

The device also completely relieved me of the 'picking' urge because I was actively doing something to improve the blemish.

Since my first experience, I have become a religious and fanatical Zeno Mini user.

Some of those pimples under skin come to a tiny head and then heal; some don't ever erupt at all!

The only negatives that I have found when experimenting with the Mini to prepare my brutally honest Zeno Reviews is that the device burns through batteries very quickly and you will need to replace the treatment tip every few months. (Depending on how often the device is used)

Other than that, the Zeno has been a god-send!

In my experience, it is the best of the options available for pimple cures!

I will happily buy batteries in bulk and replace the tip as needed to keep my skin looking healthy and clear of blemishes. (Plus, I am saving a bunch on concealer!)

My conclusion?

I highly recommend this product to anyone with mild to moderate acne and encourage you to try it out for yourself.  My decision to contribute my Zeno reviews has changed the future of my skin's tendency to grow the biggest pimple ever forever after!

There is a one month return policy in place, so you really don't have anything to lose except your pimples!

Quick Side Note:
Upon reading other zeno reviews online, I found that some people thought that using a warm washcloth could possibly achieve the same results as this device.

Absolutely, 100% Not True!

I tried this method long before ever investing in a Zeno Hot Spot Mini device and it simply does not work the same. Admittedly, I have no scientific evidence to back me up here, but the warmth of the Zeno seems to penetrate deeper into the skin's layers and maintain a more consistent heat level than a washcloth.  Why have to deal for a week or more with the biggest pimple ever if you can zap it away in day or two?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but my Zeno reviews remains that this is, without a doubt, the best addition to my skin care routine since exfoliating face wash. 

And while the Zeno Mini doesn't hold the charge as long as the other bigger models, (thus the need to change batteries frequently), it is cheap enough so even a poor, penny-pinching college student can afford one:

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