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natural under eye treatmentsThis natural skin care recipe for a rose water skin spritzer is shared by P.K. from Northwest USA.

P.K.'s Grandmother used to brew large batches of rose water to use as facial rinse as well as a refreshing summer skin conditioner that provided the skin with lots of natural nourishment.

Thank you for sharing P.K.!

P.K. has adapted the uses of her grandmother's favorite skin care recipe into a toner, skin spritzer and facial treatment.

Gather at least a dozen roses in full bloom (just the blossoms) along with a generous hand full of rose hips.

Rose hips are the berry that forms after the rose has shed its petals.  They are a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamin c and they produce a natural form of vitamin A.

Rose water and rose hips have been used throughout history as a beauty treatment for the skin for the range of skin conditioning effects of the antioxidants as well as for the skin firming properties.

~ Basic Rose Water Skin Care Recipe ~

under eye treatments recipe
  • Trim the rose flowers and rose
    hips to remove any stems and leaves
  • Place trimmed rose flowers and rose hips in a large pot of water
  • Add just enough water to cover
  • Simmer gently for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Strain well, collecting the rose water in a container
  • Cool then store in refrigerator for several days

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Skin Care Tip

Simmer rose petals
and rose hips in any
fresh citrus juice, strain and use as a rich nutrient toner.

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