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Skin Firming Facial

Skin Firming Facial RecipeSandy advises to get out your little mixing bowl for this wonderful firming facial recipe that exfoliates as it soothes and tightens aging skin. 

Sandy indulges herself once a week in a pampering facial treatment. She confesses that this recipe is her all time favorite.

Thank you for sharing Sandy!

Starting with freshly clean skin prior to any mask or peel treatment works best.  

For an extra deep cleansing, steam your face over a bowl of hot water for at least five minutes then cleanse prior to applying the mask recipe.

Sandy typically follows-up this facial treatment with a light application of almond oil to seal in the moisture and keep her skin baby soft.

~ Batter-Up ~

Avocado Facial Recipe
  • Whip one egg white into very stiff peaks 
  • Mix in one tablespoon of cornstarch
  • Add the juice of a lime
  • Whip ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth, frothy mixture.
  • Apply to facial skin avoiding the immediate area around the eyes
  • Let set for 20 minutes 
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Keep unused portion in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days

Sandy explains that each ingredient accomplishes a specific task in her natural recipe. The lime cleanses and exfoliates, the egg white nourishes and firms, while the cornstarch softens and draws out the skin's impurities.

Adding a packet of unflavored gelatin to the recipe will create even more of a skin tightening effect.  (It's a trick that the high end spas use to harden natural facial peels and masks!)

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