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It's Naturally Skinsational Recipe eBook

Hello Potential Partner,

Thanks for visiting our affiliate program. Nice to meet you! The Naturally Skinsational e-book is a wonderful way to generate extra income for yourself.

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How do you become an affiliate?

It's actually quite quick and easy. All you do is join ClickBank by clicking one of the options below, even if you are a member already.

Skin Care Affiliate: 

Become a Click Bank Member

Get the Recipe eBook affiliate code

Once you have your ClickBank I.D., (so that they know where to send your commission check), either click the "get recipe ebook affiliate code" above.

OR visit the ClickBank Health and Fitness: Beauty or the Home and Family: Cooking marketplace category and get your unique affiliate code right from the listing for the Naturally Skinsational ebook.

Either way will work to get the affiliate code for you to begin selling the Naturally Skinsational Recipe eBook. (ClickBank calls it a "hop link".)

Then you simply place the affiliate code for the e-book on your website, blog, ezine, My Space page, Squidoo, or any other web-based marketing strategy you'd like.


You're welcome to use the graphic of the e-book as well. Simple right click on any of the ebook graphics on this page or on the recipe ebook sales page, then save it to a file on your  computer. 

Feel free to customize this sample sales description to fit your needs as well.

You're done!

Recipe eBook

The first ever natural skin care
Recipe eBook
to focus on facial rejuvenation. It's
Naturally Skinsational!

It doesn't get any quicker or easier to earn some extra income than that does it?

Jill and Leah share their thoughts on being a skin care affiliate for Naturally Skinsational. Just scroll down to read their reviews.  

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Make a Million,

The Skin Care Resource Team


I just had a Duh! moment.

I've been searching high and low for some really great affiliate products in the "Spa" category that I can sell on my site. After spending all week studying your book, trying many of the recipes, and raving about it to anyone who would listen I finally had an Ah Ha! moment.

I'm going to become an affiliate for your book :) and I'm going to promote it as a DIY Spa treatment source; luxurious, quick, easy and inexpensive recipes for your own personal spa nights or parties!

It's relaxation at its finest!

I'm really excited about this because I've had a really hard time finding quality products to promote and I think it'll be a fun idea for my readers to have a night of relaxation with facials, etc. that they've created themselves.

Naturally Skinsational is the perfect fit for a girl's night get together or an inexpensive yet relaxing, pampering, romantic home spa night. Your book is a perfect fit for relieving stress!

My Thanks,

Skin Care Affiliate
Jill Rheaume
Owner and Creator of
Helping you live a less stressful life.

P.S. You can check out my skin care affiliate sales page for Naturally Skinsational here: Relaxing DIY Spa Treatments

Thanks so much!

It's Naturally Skinsational!

Skin Care Affiliate eBook

Natural Skin Care Recipe eBook

Hi Sue,

My interest in the book got too overwhelming so I ended up buying it right way. I'm so glad I did. It's wonderful! I'm very happy to promote it on my site.

I have written a free booklet on picking natural skin care based on the ingredients. I feel it is really important for people who don't want to make the products themselves to know what to look for to avoid. I was thinking of looking into writing a homemade skin care book as well, but didn't have the knowledge or time to devote to it.

I'm so glad I checked ClickBank and found your book instead of trying to write my own. It's very well written, informative, and you cover all the bases on allergies and essential skin care that people need to know.

I look forward to being your skin care affiliate and promoting your book!

Have a Wonderful Day,
Leah Day

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