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IPL Therapy
Intensive Pulse Light Laser Treatment


IPL Therapy IPL Laser therapy. . . OUCH!

Have you ever had a rubber band snapped repeatedly all over your face? OUCH! The very first thing you need to know about an IPL therapy treatment it that it can HURT!

It is highly recommended that you use the numbing cream prior to any ILP therapy or ~ WARNING ~ each zap is going to hurt.

So what is an IPL therapy "intensive pulse light" treatment like?

A small rectangular shaped wand, rather like an ingenious flashlight with a small vacuum cleaner type hose attached to a big huge machine.

The machine hums merrily in the back ground while the wand zaps the targeted area of the skin.

You get to wear little dark opaque goggles to protect your eyes before a nice thick layer of cold gel is applied to the skin as protection prior to any zapping.

The zapping is immediately followed by a bright flash of light and a snapping sensation to the skin.

IPL Therapy Depending on your tolerance to pain and if you decided to used the numbing cream, the snapping can feel like a big rubber band stretched to its limit then released against your skin. . . YEOW!

If your skin has been numbed, the zap feels like a teeny little flick of a finger. The discomfort is tolerable, but trust me on this one, numbing cream is the way to go. Why be uncomfortable?

Do IPL treatments really work?

For photorejuvenation, IPL therapy is used to correct damaged areas of the skin as a result of hyperpigmentation.
IPL therapy is extremely effective in getting rid of age spots as well as red, splotchy skin, even rosacea.

After an IPL therapy treatment, your face might be a little swollen in spots and you will most likely notice some discoloration ranging from minor redness to small brownish splotches.

Rather than be horrified, rejoice!

That is evidence that the treatment is working effectively. You will notice that the areas on your skin that discolor the most are the areas where you will see the most improvement once the discoloration fades in a week or so.

The discoloration can be significant enough that if you look at your skin in a magnifying mirror, it will appear like your face was splattered with tiny little flecks of mud.

This is an excellent sign that all those age spots and damaged areas of your skin will disappear when the skin recovers from the treatment.

It is also recommended by some IPL therapy treatment specialists that a facial peel a week or so after the treatment is helpful to get rid of that discoloration.

Are IPL treatments effective In Perfecting Looks?

Although results are immediately noticeable after the first treatment, several IPL treatments, (which aren't cheap by the way), are usually necessary to eradicate all age spots, sun damaged skin, spider veins and rosacea.

However, the end results are simply amazing. . .
  • Age spots, GONE!
  • Spider veins across the bridge of your nose, GONE!
  • Ruddy cheeks, GONE!
  • Under eye discoloration, GONE!
It truly is awesome to see all those stubborn skin damaged areas literally vanish.

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