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Hylexin Eye Care
~ Consumer Review ~

The hylexin eye treatment is the only product that actually worked in taking care of Sophie's deep, dark under eye circles.

Hylexin Eye Care 1 Sophie read an article about Hylexin in the Fashion Week Daily magazine back in September of 2005.

She was plagued by dark under eye circles for years.

And, of course, like anyone else she had tried a variety of products that promised to get rid of her dark circles.

Then she discovered the Hylexin Eye Cream which is specifically formulated for treating dark circles.

Sophie is thrilled that she now longer looks like a haggard old boxer that survived several rounds of knock-out punches!

Sophie also shares her secret remedy for under eye puffiness as well.

She simply applies a tea bag that she has frozen underneath each eye for several minutes in the morning and evening.

Within a few days, the puffy circles are gone.

Combining her puffy under eye remedy with hylexin eye treatments, she honestly says that she looks brighter, and years younger.

Sophie loves the way she looks now and highly recommends hylexin.

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