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Dermagist Skin Care System
~ Consumer Review ~

Holly is close to 50 and after listening to the Oprah Show has finally found her new best skin care friend.

Dermajuv DermagistSue's Note: Since the time Holly submitted her review, Dermajuv has changed it's expanded their skin care line and as a result changed their name to Dermagist.

Now on to Holly's review:

Hey, have you heard of the Dermajuv Skin Care System?

It is a new skin care line that features a relatively new active anti-aging ingredient, Matrixyl.

Oh Hi by the way. My name is Holly and I closing in on my 50th birthday soon. (Groan).

During the past several years I have been collecting wrinkles and age spots like there is no tomorrow.

I've been trying everything and anything to get rid them too.

(What woman doesn't?)

Just like everyone else I know, I've tried more wrinkle creams than you can shake a stick at but I haven't noticed much in the way of results.

Until now!  

I've found the best product ever. . .

Fortunately I watch the Oprah show whenever I can and guess what?

Not too long ago Oprah reviewed wrinkle treatment products!

Now, I don't know about you but I'm willing to give anything a try that Oprah recommends and if I remember correctly it was Oprah who spotlighted the Dermajuv skin care line as the best treatment option for aging skin symptoms like wrinkles and age spots.

Well, I don't mind confessing that I was on the computer placing my order during commercial break.

Usually I end up kicking myself when I look at all the products I've wasted money on but not this one.

I love it! I see results! I'm not going to look like a wrinkling old hag anymore. (Thanks Oprah!)

Although, I do want to note that Oprah said some people didn't like the tingling sensation they felt when the put it on their skin.
Hope You Like It!
And +1 it too!  :-)

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I actually like the tingling because it is telling me that the
Anti-Aging Serum is doing its job rejuvenating my wrinkly, age spotted skin.

Now I've started to see magazines giving this skin care system great reviews.
My recommendation for my product review on Dermajuv is a big thumbs-up!

I'm ordering the entire anti-aging skin care system next. I plan on keeping my skin young and healthy for a long, long time!

Hey, even an almost 50 year old can still be a foxy lady you know. . .

Editor's Note: While The Skin Care Resource Center does not verify the content of the product reviews submitted by our visitors, after reviewing the website we were impressed to learn that the Dermajuv Dermagist skin care system has been featured:
  • The Rachel Ray Show
  • Vogue
  • Woman's Day
  • The New York Times
  • Allure Magazine
  • 7 News
  • NBC
  • The Mayo Clinic

(To name just a few prominent reports.)

Well Holly, we all sincerely appreciate your review and. . .

We give this skin rejuvenation product a
BIG thumbs-up too!

It certainly is recommended to give this particular
skin care system a try!

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