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Best Beauty Tips
Meet your new "Best Friend"!

Best Beauty Tips 1Are you ready for the best beauty tip of all time? You really need to pay attention to this beauty tip, especially for those with aging skin concerns!

Can you guess?

A simple yet critical beauty secret is to see exactly what the condition your skin is in with all its' flaws clearly revealed.

That is the only way that you will be able to quickly address them.

Are you ready to face it?

Take a deep breath, be brave and be honest with yourself.

As many will attest, it seems the moment you turn the corner into your fourth decade one of the first things that sadly starts to go is your eye sight.

Your new best friend is a magnifying Light-Up Mirror!

That's it! Of all the beauty tips this one is by far the most valuable one.

By the time you turn 50 you've learned the hard way that it is literally impossible to apply eye make-up with your glasses on (it is also nearly impossible to get smears of mascara off them) and a downright disaster trying to find those wayward eyebrow hairs that need plucking.

The Light-Up Mirror truly becomes the best of friends!

Simply put, a magnifying light-up mirror
is a "must have"!

Best Beauty Tips 2 How else are you going to see that long, wiry ogre whisker sticking straight out from your chin or that new age spot just starting to emerge on your cheek?

Doesn't everyone want to make sure that nasal hair stays right where it belongs- inside the nostrils!

The trick is that you need to see it.

Take a minute and quickly study your face from each angle to be sure that you've identified problem areas.

Then you can take swift action by plucking that gargantuan wayward hair sprouting straight out like a unicorn horn between your eyebrows, controlling the lipstick that has begun to fill those fine lines radiating out around your lips or begin treating that new blossoming brown age spot before it becomes a major issue.

Tip: Most people find that a magnifying power between 4X and 9x works quite well.

It's Naturally Skinsational!
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