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Aspirin Facial
A Versatile Natural Skin Care Ingredient

Aspirin Facial TreatmentAngela has used a variety of aspirin facial recipes since her early adolescent years when combating her frequent acne outbreaks.

Aspirin, which is a form of salicylic acid, is an exceptional exfoliant and acne treatment.

Thanks for sharing Angela!

Angela has been inventive with creating a number of different facial aspirin recipes depending the condition of her skin.

She encourages everyone to adapt their natural skin care recipes to suit their own skin types and needs.

In the summer when her skin tends to become oily she simply crushes up the aspirin tablets and mixes in whatever fruit acid she happens to have on hand whether it is lemon, lime, or orange juice.

When her skin becomes drier in the winter months she will blend in a dab of honey or olive oil.

This serves to give her skin a moisturizing treatment at the same time. Angela has found that the skin care benefits of aspirin can be incorporated into most natural skin care recipes.

Angela even keeps her aspirin solution in a small spray bottle in the shower to mist her back and legs to prevent acne from developing, especially during the summer.

If an outbreak begins to occur she also uses her scrub on the areas until the outbreak subsides.

Aspirin is an all around versatile natural skin care ingredient that has the added benefit of being an excellent anti-aging skin care treatment.


Salicylic acid which is a BHA, beta hydroxy acid has the ability to penetrate deeply to unclog pores and effectively exfoliate dead skin cells which reduces the incidences of acne outbreaks and stimulates cell renewal.

Aging skin benefits significantly from an increase in skin cell turnover.

All in all, aspirin recipes for natural facial treatments are particularly effective in maintaining healthy, smooth, and vibrant looking skin.

This is truly one of the best recipes for facial rejuvenation.

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Basic Facial Aspirin Recipe

  • 5 to 10 of plain aspirin- (the cheap generic kind is just fine)Aspirin Facial Recipe
  • Crush aspirin tablets into a fine powder- (a small coffee grinder works really well if you are making a large batch)
  • Mix in your favorite fruit acid, freshly squeezing the juice from a lemon, lime, or orange
  • To use as an aspirin scrub make a thickish paste using only a few teaspoons of the fruit juice
  • For a refreshing aspirin toner use a least 1/3 cup of fruit juice to make a thin solution that can easily saturate a cotton ball

Angela encourages everyone to experiment by adding 3 to 5 crushed aspirin tablets to their favorite skin care recipe for the added rejuvenation potential of introducing the proven benefits of salicylic acid.

She also cautions that different skin types should tailor the aspirin recipe to meet their particular skin care needs. It is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types to add a teaspoon of honey or aloe vera pulp to the basic aspirin facial recipe.

A dairy product (lactic acid) such as yogurt, cream, or milk can be substituted for the fruit acid or used in combination with the basic aspirin facial recipe for the oilier skin types.

Aspirin Facial Recipe

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