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DIY Facial Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

Soft lasers rejuvenate skin by stimulating cell renewal and collagen production.

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Facial and home laser treatments are a relatively new spa gadget concept that is specifically designed to rejuvenate aging skin.

The philosophy behind home lasers is to mimic the effects of a professional medical Intensive Pulse Light- IPL laser treatment.
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DIY Home laser spa treatments are derived from a category of soft lasers with low intensity laser light energy that encourages the stimulation of skin cells at a cellular level to rejuvenate aging skin.

The effectiveness of the wide range of facial rejuvenation laser treatments available as cosmetic procedures or as a medical treatment is well documented.
Lucky for us. . .
Professional laser technology has been adapted and designed to provide models for
home treatments.

Although it does go without saying that the home laser models are not as powerful as medical lasers, over time similar results can be achieved for a fraction of the cost.

A soft facial laser releases energy in the form of light on a very specific wavelength which is directed at increasing circulation, cell stimulation and growth as well as collagen production and healing.

Home lasers operate on a lower wavelength than medical lasers; the higher the wavelength, the deeper the light energy penetrates into the skin tissue. Home lasers regenerate the surface skin cells.

The home versions of facial rejuvenation lasers that are readily available are. . .

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Among other benefits, a DIY home laser treatment stimulates collagen production, tightens skin and improves skin tone.

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Each of these laser characteristics are different yet produce similar rejuvenating effects which are achieved by stimulating collagen production thereby improving fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damaged skin.

The DIY soft lasers for home are designed to mimic the numerous skin rejuvenating laser treatments that are available professionally.

As technology advances, the home laser is an important rejuvenating tool to keep an eye on.

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